InjectionsWhile there is nothing good about back pain, at least there are a variety of potentially effective solutions available. In your search for pain relief, you have probably run across numerous suggestions. Two common suggestions are injections and surgery. Have you thought about either of these as practical solutions?


Injections usually consist of some combination of corticosteroid and acetaminophen mixture and are injected at the site of inflammation. They are designed to reduce swelling, improve mobility, and numb the pain. Recovery time ranges from a few hours to a couple of days. While each patient responds differently, injections can provide relief for extended periods of time.

Surgical Options

When it comes to surgery, there are dozens of unique solutions. But from a simple standpoint, it comes down to traditional open lumbar back surgeries versus minimally invasive spine surgeries. The latter have proven to be incredibly effective solutions for a number of patients. With minimal tissue damage, less-noticeable scarring, and quicker recovery times, minimally invasive spine surgeries are becoming a preferred choice for pain relief.

When trying to decide which treatment options to pursue, speak with your doctor and ask about the advantages and disadvantages of each. Two of the most popular and effective options are injections and surgery.