Accurate DiagnosisAs is the case with any surgery of any type, it is important to receive an accurate diagnosis before proceeding. This is true for a number of different reasons:

Back Pain is Hard to Decipher

While you may think you know the source of your pain, it is much harder than simply pinpointing the place where you hurt. Your spine is made up of multiple discs that connect to nerves, tissues, and muscles. Any combination of factors can cause pain, and a diagnosis should only be given by a medical specialist.

Treatment Depends on Diagnosis

The type of surgery performed is dictated by the diagnosis. One surgery may require traditional open lumbar back surgery, while another might only necessitate minimally invasive spine surgery. A faulty diagnosis may lead to the wrong treatment, which is extremely dangerous.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

If you are confident you have received an accurate diagnosis and your doctor feels like minimally invasive spine surgery is the solution, don’t be afraid to look into it. Minimally invasive spine surgery requires less tissue damage and blood loss, leaves only small scarring, and has a short recovery time. Talk with your doctor today to find out whether or not it is a viable option for your particular situation.