Minimally Invasive Spine CareWhile open lumbar back surgeries still have their place in the list of surgical treatment options, minimally invasive spine care solutions are becoming the preferred alternative. That’s because they offer the same benefits of traditional surgery, without causing excessive damage and requiring long recovery times. While each individual situation is different, minimally invasive spine surgery has some of the following benefits:

  • Smaller Incisions. People typically prefer minimally invasive surgical options because they leave less of a mark. The same is true with minimally invasive spine surgery. There are usually smaller incisions, smaller scars, and less noticeable marks.
  • Less Damage. Because the procedure is performed with tiny endoscopes and cameras, there is considerably less soft tissue damage, muscle retraction, and blood loss.
  • Shorter Recover. In most cases, minimally invasive spine care is performed on an outpatient basis, while some require very short hospital stays. As a result of the minimal damage, recovery time is reduced. Most patients can be expected to make a full recovery in a couple of weeks.

Before choosing surgery as an option for your back pain, make sure you discuss all options and alternatives with a medical professional. While it is not right for everyone, it can be an excellent pain relief solution for many individuals.