MedicationWhile minimally invasive spine surgery is certainly an effective solution for many sufferers of back pain, there are times when it is not always necessary. Before choosing to pursue surgery, have you first tried exercise and medication?

Exercise Therapy as a Solution

As science and technology progress and we begin to gain a clearer view of how the human body works and responds to particular treatments, we start to understand the value in exercise more and more. With simple manipulation of muscle, tissue, and joints, endorphins are released and pressure can be relieved. Sometimes this is enough to reduce pain and avoid medication or surgery.

Medication as a Solution

When exercise doesn’t seem to provide the answers you are looking for, medication may prove useful. For some, over-the-counter medication can help in conjunction with exercise. For others, stronger prescription medication is needed. These typically include corticosteroids, NSAIDs, or opioids. If any combination of medication works well, it is usually not necessary to have a surgical procedure.

Minimally Invasive Surgery as a Solution

For more complex cases, surgery may be necessary. It should only be chosen when exercise and medication aren’t sufficient, though. If you decide to opt for surgery, be sure to consider all benefits and disadvantages before proceeding.